I was born in 1990 as a 4.5 kg fat baby and I surprisingly grew up as a 188 cm tall guy. I was born and raised in Jakarta, but my Minangkabau blood is flowing hard through my veins. I am a proud Leo. I work as a full time Head of Digital Marketing and a part time content creator.

I worship my entire iTunes tracks, books in my bookshelves, and movies I've seen. Dancing tends to make me lose myself for a while, but it keeps me sane. I consider myself as a beach enthusiast. I also find serenity when I work out and do yoga. I'm a huge sucker for good, crispy fried chickens. Really into photography, science & technology, blues & jazz, pop culture, philosophy, literature, and astrophysics.

"Author is still trying to specify this platform as a lifestyle blog with fashion and travel posts as the main heroes, as well as a dash of music and F&B here and there. He likes to make videos and do some reviews too. Basically it's like an archipelago of the author's passions, interests, and life."

Current mission:
- To make the paragraph above to be actually relevant with the contents here.
- To tick things off of my bucketlist.
- To be someone meaningful for people and environment around me.
"Enjoy your stage until the curtain closes."