Laidback Friday

August 11, 2017

Felt kind under the weather at that time, so I didn't make much effort to style my outfit. But now that I see this, it kinda looks like I did. But trust me, I didn't! Lol. I threw on a shirt cause I had to work so I just needed to pair it with something else so a beanie, thick-rimmed glasses, and random necklace were my accessory choices.

For the bottoms I just went with my old jeans joggers and rounded it up with a pair of white shoes. Really laidback and casual. Oh btw, I just learned that you should NOT wash a cashmere beanie in a washing machine unless you want it to get shrunk! What an idiot. 😂

Details below:

beanie: COS, glasses: flea market, necklace: Bali, shirt: The Executive, joggers: Forever 21, shoes: Dior

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