Good Bye Tumblr

June 12, 2017

"Father" - This was accidentally taken when I was having lunch at La Luciola, Bali. I saw this dad and his baby across from my table, it was the cutest moment that day.

A couple of years ago I impulsively decided to sign up a Tumblr blog. I initially intended to make it as a photoblog for single B/W images. Since I've had this Blogger blog for years, I was bored and I thought I wanted to try to use a different platform. But then recently I realized that it's just going to add more social media channels I barely even touch.

Long story short, I just signed out and deleted my Tumblr account for good. I will focus on creating contents in this blog alone for now. Therefore I want to compile the images posted there into this post, including a brief caption for each photo. Just so I can look back and remember what they are.

Now that Vine has gone, Snapchat has slowly forgotten because of Insta Stories, and Spotify finally came to Indonesia to practically stop me from using Soundcloud, I'm glad that there are less social media I currently own. Hopefully there will be less in the future.

For now, you can check out the photographs below:

"Waking Up" - A picture of a room window when I was lived in a "kost" whilst I was waiting for my stuff to be moved to my new place. Literally took it when I woke up.

"Autumn" - Clearly it wasn't autumn since it's taken in Indonesia. I think this is a leafless tree I saw in Sepa island, one of the hundreds other Jakarta's "a thousand islands" islands. lol

"Window Pattern" - Pretty self explanatory. I guess this was from an interior store I went to.

"Flow" - That guy was one of the models/muses in a Jakarta fashion show. I liked how the fabrics flowed.

"Scale" - A picture of vintage decor in one of the restaurants I worked for before, E&O Jakarta. I was waiting for the food for a photoshoot to come so I tried to kill some time.

"Palm" - A picture of a palm tree at El Kabron beach club in Bali. One of my most favorite spots in the island.

"Kuda Lumping" - A sculpture display in Grand Indonesia mall by the artist I forgot who the name was. 😐 I just thought the hyper-realistic style was quite eerie and cool at the same time.

"Hairy-balls-looking Plants" - No comment. Just enjoy.

"Under The Shades" - A pathway to a beach.

"Puddle" - Now this one was found when I reached the beach from the previous photo. I liked how nature chose to create something.

"Diffused" - On the last day of Ramadan a couple of years ago, this shot was taken during the night celebration full of fireworks.

"Cellar" - I took this shot during my tenure in an F&B industry. Cork&Screw Jakarta has one of the biggest wine variants in Jakarta and they preserve it in a low temperature cellar.

"Sunset" - Somewhere majestic in Bali.

"Somewhere in Uluwatu" - I believe this is in front of Anantara Uluwatu hotel, which could easily be mistaken with a part of African safari or something.

"Sparks" - More from the Idul Firtri celebration.

"Welcome" - Also from Cork&Screw Jakarta, it's one of the corners of modern yet rustic interior design.

"Happy birthday to me" - The first post of the blog on my birthday. I guess this is why I made a choice to make a Tumblr account in the first place.

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