Death is Just the Beginning

November 10, 2016

I have had this green t-shirt since I was in middle school I believe. It's surprising that it still fits me and it's still in... mint condition lol. Get it? Mint? Cause it's green?! Ok shoot me. :"D

Anyways, I think the meaning of words printed on the shirt is very deep and contemplational. Irrelevant with this whole look, but it's just nice to see people actually think when they see it. So then I worked my way to create this outfit from the tees down to the bottom, shoes, and accesories. I toned down the pop of green with dark brim hat and jeans, as well as the nude color of loafers. Tucked in and rolled up everything. Then I chose the US flag scarf just to complete this sort of cowboy-esque vibe going on. LOL parked my horse somewhere behind! :"D

Details below:

hat: Brixton, scarf: Flea Market, tees: 3 Second, jeans: Acne Studios, shoes: Seba

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