Chris Brown - No Filter

September 15, 2016

Such a painful process to make this video went live lmao. It got blocked in 80 countries like tf?! First, I used the back track: failed. Then I used the original sound: failed. Finally I used the original backsound AND make it faster by 105%. Gosh, don't artists understand that dancers actually HELP to promote their songs?

Anywaaays, let's talk about this choreo! This is hands down one of the hardest one I've ever had. It's fast, the beat was weird,  the movements were cool but somehow they just didn't connect with me. I think it was merely because this type of dance isn't my style. But to be a good dancer I need to explore and learn new styles as many as I can. So I'm glad to (at least) be able record one take out of thousands! LOL


So apparently the choreo didn't end there! There's another one... FFS! :"D I genuinely hated it because I've had enough with the song and the choreo. Like I said, not my style, not my cuppa tea. HOWEVER, this one is more groovy for my liking so I changed my mind. :))

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