My Trip To Barcelona

June 15, 2016

Here we come to the third part of my Euro Trip which is the home of scrumptious paellas and super hot people, Spain! If you know me well, you would know that I'm pretty obsessed with Spanish language. I'm crazy about anything related to Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries for obvious reason: sexy accent! Some people love French accent, the other fonds of British, but myself would prefer Spanish ANY DAY! It's like a music to my ears.

For the first time in my life I got to taste that warm and friendly atmosphere in the European continent. I actually planned to stay the longest in Spain to visit Madrid, Valencia, Seville, etc but for some reason I only got a chance to quickly visit Barcelona! It's fine with me to be completely honest because I have been wanting to come for sooo long, mostly from watching lots of FCB and also "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona". LOL

What I liked the most about this city is the citizens' friendly attitude towards tourists like me. Seriously during my 3 weeks in the continent, people in Barcelona were the most kind and humble. It just added up to the reason why I want to move there hahaha. Not to mention all the beautiful Antoni Gaudí's architectures, lovely food, vibrant markets, and just generally good smiley vibes the city has to offer.

I tried my hardest to walk and visit as many places as I could and I think I did pretty great for just 2 days haha. I managed to see a lot whilst learning the background stories behind everything I witnessed. And I gotta say Barcelona definitely left a mark in my heart uniquely - sort of like inviting me to come back. Oh trust me, I'd kill to live there for the rest of my life. :)

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