Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

April 04, 2016

Also available on my Vimeo here.

There are three things that made me excited for this:
  1. I tried a new studio in Jakarta that I had been wanting to try for so long, Indonesian Dance Theatre.
  2. I finally took the class of Hamada Abdool, one of my favortie choreographers and the Creative Director of NEZindaHOOD.
  3. I learned a choreography for a song that once was a jam of mine waaay back then. By the Queen herself.
It's always nice to try new stuff and lear new things. As Mada told the class during the session, a great dancer is a versatile dancer. Completely agree with that as I'm in the middle of "different-dance-styles-and-choreographers-hunting" lol. I definitely can see myself taking this class again.

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