Tribal BBQ

February 12, 2016

cap: Emirates, sunnies: Le Specs, shirt: Topman, shorts: Topman, sneakers: Converse

When my friends invite me for a BBQ at their place I might shriek with excitement because I'm crazy about it. Not only I love sausages, patties, as well as those juicy and tender meat, but I also like the process of grilling. It somehow feels orgasmic and satisfying to be able to create a food you genuinely can devour LOL.

To do that I wanna be as comfortable as possible. That's why I went with my signature short-sleeved shirt and rolled up shorts. I picked this loud and busy tribal pattern to make it colorful because this particular BBQ was held in a backyard with a swimming pool in it. So your boy gotta get that summer feel y'know what I mean?! :D I toned it down with simple black shorts and my crisp new Converse sneakers. Nothing like a fresh pair of Chucks, amirite?

I also added a pair of sunglasses and a red cap I got from Emirates a while back to protect me from the excessive sun rays. I gotta say it was a super fun day and it left me with super full tummy as well. :P

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