Dawin - Dessert (ft. Silento)

January 09, 2016

Also available on my Vimeo here.

Hey ho 2016! Happy new year everyone! This is officially my very first post this year and I can't be more excited to see what's in store for me. I have planned some projects for a year ahead and hopefully it will turn out just how I want it to be. Wish me luck guys!

Anyways, here's a new dance cover that I did last year. I know, I was still occupied with my moving and my new house. BUT, it's almost done now hence we'll see more contents here. "Dessert" was such a hit last year and I loved to dance to it. The beat range is pretty diverse, some slow some upbeat. And we combined 2 choreographies again. You know the drill by now.

Once again have a great new chapter in our life and keep creating! X

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