Janet Jackson - BURNITUP! (ft. Missy Elliott)

November 13, 2015

If you can't watch it, check it out on my Vimeo here.

Another video containing 2 choreos within 1 song after the She Twerkin video. We have been loving this concept and it's very possible that we will do more like this in near future. This time Franky meticulously learned the movements from both Jose Hollywood and JR Taylor then taught us in class. I'm crazy about this song hence I took time to edit it. Obsessed with the intro! My proudest editing moment so far hahaha.

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  1. You're the leaderrrrrr
    you move so fast and sharp kak!

    salam buat kak zaki
    you two are great!

    1. Thank for the kind words. I will let him know. :)


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