Thursday Tunes #08

October 08, 2015

So yeah, after 2 weeks of no playlists, here I come with the newest set of super laidback songs for you to chill with. It's been a series of super busy weeks last month but I have been enjoying it! I always take my mind back to the past when I was busy doing... nothing. And that makes me grateful for having things to work on. I just need to sink my claws on something on daily basis, although I'm also a fanatic of dolce far niente. But anyways, please enjoy these songs and I think it'll be such a nice entrance for your upcoming weekend!

► Danrell x Småland - Hostage
► Chris Brown & Tyga - Like A Virgin Again
► EMBRZ - Lights (ft. PennyBirdRabbit)
► Hippie Sabotage - Able To See Me (Tali Kouch Flip)
► KRONO - First Kiss (ft. Lijie)
► HUNTS. - Windows
► Kidswaste - Medicine (ft. Chelsea Cutler)
► Novo Amor - Holland (Matthew Heyer Remix)
► Lontalius - Comfortable (Subranger Remix)
► Glimmer Of Blooms - Take My Hand

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