Pastel Future

October 19, 2015

sunglasses: unbranded, shirt: Danjyo Hiyoji, bracelet and rings: H&M, jeans: Ksubi, shoes: vintage Prada

Yep, we're in that part in my head again. I felt like I haven't taken risks lately so I went for a pretty bizzare look. Fortunately I found an item that has been buried for so long inside my cupboard. I actually bought that "futuristic"-looking sunglasses at a toy shop long time ago while looking for some decorations for a house party. I forgot I had it until now. Quite frankly it looks almost like I just broke into someone's car and stole their rear-view mirror and put it on my face. LOL but that's why I'm obsessed with it!

In order to balance out the weirdness of the sunglasses (or mirror), I chose a shirt I won at the #PIMFW2015 a few weeks ago from Danjyo Hiyoji. Its nude creamy color gave me an idea to pair it with a pair of pastel kinda olive green jeans and also a pair of light grey velvet shoes. They all look harmoniously complimenting each other. To top it off, I added some bracelet and rings just for quirk things up even more. And yes, I got carried away with the editorial kinda poses. Blame the outfit!

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