Distressed Day

October 07, 2015

jacket: Closed, polo: Lacoste, belt: Johnny Farah, jeans: DIY, boots: Tom Ford

Fall/Autumn is coming to all of you who live in the 4-seasons countries! It sucks for me to not be able to rock all the layers of clothing during the cold days, but at the same time I'm so happy that I live in the country with eternal summer! :D Nevertheless, I'm gonna try to hop on the bandwagon and put together some outfits for fall (or even winter) for the next months ahead. But I will still also squeeze in some laidback summer outfits for us Equator kids!

To kick things off, I started with this semi-formal look with the classic jacket and jeans combination. I buttoned all up a classic navy blue polo shirt layered by a plaid jacket so you'll look shipshape. The jacket also comes very handy when it gets chilly where you're from. Then for a twist, I paired up my super old, blue, stretched denim jeans that I finally managed to get distressed.

Shoutout to GearedTowardGear on YouTube for his tutorial on how to make a dope ass DIY distressed jeans! It's actually the my first time shredding jeans myself, I know. It came out from the washing machine nicely and surpassed my expectation! Then I finished up the look with a matching set of light brown boots and belt. I always think that the color combo of blue and brown is one of the best you can pull off when you don't wanna rock the classic black or white.

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