Dark Levitation

October 12, 2015

jacket: Lanvin, shirt: Topman, collar links: Forever 21, belt: unbranded, pants: unbranded, sneakers: Lanvin

If you know me, you will know that I love to wear black on black on black. It's no different with this one. I felt like wearing something dark and gloomy at that moment, so I integrated a bunch of divergent fabric but with the similar color we all love - black! I also tried to look a bit more formal this time so I chose a jacket and shirt combination with a pair of ankle length pants. However, I wanted to keep it practical with sneakers because I know I would walk around during the event.

I also added one of my favorites this month, the silver collar links with its two racing chains. I'm obsessed with how it can elevate the entire look with its sort of rigid yet flexible shape (if that makes sense). I have been trying to find these bad boys everywhere and I finally managed to own a pair. Oh yes, also I have been loving some levitation/jumping poses lately lol. So, don't judge. :P

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  1. wow , nice levitation
    btw I love your outfit♥



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