Ultimate Dance Challenge Vol. 5

September 11, 2015

Watch it on my Vimeo here.

Another performance with my Jazz Funk team from United Dance Works! It's an annual event held by UDW to showcase the students and choreographers as well as other dancers who are not members. They did it at Foundry 8, SCBD, and there are a lot of things happened from classes performances to dance battles. I, again, joined the Jazz Funk with Arif Surachman as our choreographer performing a sexy and energetic number as per usual. This time I lead the packs of these talented baddest bitches attacking every moves for the crowds! It was crazy and as you can see I was super pumped up. :"D

Fun facts, we deciced to wear a mix of plaid shirts, denims, and bandanas as our costume, but ended up finding out that literally two other teams wore the exact same things! :") ALSO! For the not-so-fun facts, I wore the same outfit to We The Fest 2015, which was super fun just like how I expected it to be. HOWEVER, I lost all the pics and vids from that day!!! :"""""( Super pissed and sad. But whatever. I learned my lesson to NOT procrastinate posting stuff before I accidentally erase the whole folders. Dumbass.

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