September 17, 2015

Thursday Tunes #07

I have learned that we can never get everything all at once, we need to sacrifice something to get the other one. And I definitely have learned it again this week. Many things happened in my life that most of the time can be pretty overwhelming to take. Sometimes we need to give our journey a break for a moment at a pit stop to really think and sort out our priorities in life. For me, it would be really nice to do it with a nice playlist as the back sound.

Find me on Soundcloud and Last.fm to see if our type of "pit stop" is the same!

► DIGY - Tragedy (ft. KIRSCH)
► Figgy - Breath Slow
► Capitale - Closer To Me
► Lynx & Victoria Rojas - The Forest
► Subtact & Jay Rodger - Burden
► Owsey - Dancing By The Dreamless Wave
► Feverkin & Koresma - Folds
► James Bay - Hear Your Hear (James Carter Remix)
► Kultur - Keep Me (ft. Layna)
► Tora - High Enough

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