Sugar Kane

September 14, 2015

jacket: Burberry, t-shirt: Velvet Tees, pants: (X) S. M. L, bracelets: H&M, shoes: Dior

When it comes to playing around with fashion, I like to take it somewhere only I have the rights to judge. Meaning: I don't give a flying F about what others will think about the final result when I have them on. "Uhm, you sure you wanna wear it with that?",  "I don't think that matches the outerwear.", "Really? Those shoes?". Thank you for your inputs, I really appreciate it, but no thanks. :)

I have been doing so much online shopping it's becoming an issue I swear! Especially these band tees, damn, I love them so much. I feel like I can wear the things I listen to everyday on my body, if that makes sense. Not only these tees are very affordable, but they also come with so many cool designs that are seriously giving me eyegasms.

Since I have very little formal outfit posts on this blog, I dediced to pair this white Sonic Youth tees with a very chic black suit and a pair of awkward-length pants to form this quirky look that I have in mind for a while now for semi-formal events. I also added a pair of white sneakers, as well as black and white skull bracelets to stay on track with the monochromatic pattern. I really like it. :D

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  1. love it!
    hugs, jasmin

  2. Cool outfit! Love that shirt



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