Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015 - Day 5

September 21, 2015

vest: Forever 21, baseball tee: thrifted, joggers: Topman, shirt: H&M, boots: YSL

Last day of #PIMFW2015! Woohoo! I have been attending almost every single show and the last day could be the most exciting one. The line ups are (X)S.M.L, Danjyo Hiyoji, and The Goods Dept. Not only it's the most crowded day, but it's also the luckiest day for me because I finally managed to win door prizes. Twice. From Danjyo Hiyoji and The Goods Dept. And since they announced the name of the winners on the runway, I had to walk down that catwalk from end to end, watched by all of those people to get my prizes. Well, you know it, I didn't waste the chance to strut my stuff LOL WERQ.

But on a serious note, it's always an amazing experience to go to a fashion week, especially the ones that are dedicated for men's fashion. Hopefully I can go again next year. Oh also, there was an after party as per usual. I heard it was fun and everybody got turnt. Unfortunately I had some other things to attend. However, let's wrap up this series of posts!


Staying true to who they are as a brand, (X)S.M.L brought their signature one more time on the runway. The weird and awkward length of fabrics, the odd combination of patterns and colors seem to perfectly blend together. I love their playful layering techniques on both guys and girls. Really refreshing to see!

Danjyo Hiyoji

Crazy eyes, high top boots and high platform wedges, daring cutting, they were all successfully blowing me away! Coming from an aspiring Indonesian designers, such a collection like this needs to get more exposures and attentions. Danjyo Hiyoji doesn't afraid to play with silhouettes that could be not for everybody. The quirky mixture of two (or more) completely different kinds of material AND colors is what you can expect from Vena. It lures you to more and more looks that are edgy enough to the point where some people in the room would be like, "That doesn't make any sense!" What makes sense in fashion anyway?

The Goods Dept.
"In Hacienda"

Quite frankly, all I saw was Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees circa 1999. All of the looks scream 90's to me in an effortless way. Some accessories probably would be too much for my liking, but if you strip every single detail of the outfit, you bet I will be the first to bid on them! Yeah, overall I didn't expect this collection coming from The Goods Dept. at all to be honest. But I love this kind of surprises.

See you next year! :)

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