Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015 - Day 3

September 19, 2015

sweater: Rag & Bone, shirt: L.O.G.G., sunnies: H&M, jeans: Nudie, shoes: COS

For the third day of #PIMFW2013 I attended three shows by Alleira Batik, Dhanst by Dhanny, and ISIS Jakarta. They are the Indonesian designers who managed to produce such great quality clothes for men with a dash of completely different styles. Check out my review below!

Alleira Batik

This collection was really refreshing! I, myself, like to wear batik in both conventional and modern ways. Alleira knows how to elevate batik to a new level of dapper yet stylish. Batik doesn't necessarily have to be boring or outdated, it needs to get more attention than it already gets. "Metamorph" surely has that chic vibe throughout every look that could give ideas to men on how to wear this pattern of Indonesian pride. I like the playful colors and length of the batiks showcased here. Also I like how they booked both local and international male models!

Dhanst by Dhanny
"Il Primo"

Dapper! That's the perfect word that could entirely describe this collection. Dhanny managed to showcase tons of European-chic looks for men within his "Il Primo". I was quite blown away by how he made use of prime materials (well, they look like ones) into a series of colorful yet easy-on-the-eyes suits. Dhanst didn't make just some boring monochromatic sets of three-pieces, he daringly played with shocking colors and patterns. Quite frankly, I would say he pulled it off, kudos! I also am obsessed with the shoes by Mario Minardi. They definitely compliment the outfits and kind of become a rope that tie the whole looks together in one, sophisticated array of dapperness.

ISIS Jakarta

The last show is definitely something! There was a lot going on in one show I was sort of overwhelmed by it. ISIS conveyed a super mind-blowing collection where at some point it was borderline crazy. For example the shoes! Whoa.. let's talk about these shoes by New Rock Store. They served me this gothic/steam-punk kind of look which obviously compliments the dark avant-garde outfits by ISIS. Obviously will touch every quirky and edgy part in you. Everything fused nicely and all until they brought out... luggages by Samsonite. I mean, I love their high quality bags and luggages, don't get me wrong. But I don't quite get how it correlates with this collection. It's just a bit odd and it seems "forced" somehow. But overall, if casual and ordinary cut of clothing isn't your forte, ISIS is a perfect choice to spice up your fashion!

Oh also, there are a lot of celebrities walking for them, which is ok sometimes. You know, gotta get that promo amirite?! However I think it'd be nicer to tone down the celeb's personalities to a "runway appropriate" level, if that makes sense.

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