Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015 - Day 2

September 18, 2015

jacket: Zara, t-shirt: Velvet Tees, sunnies & bracelet: H&M, jeans: DIY, boots: Fiorentini+Baker, bag: Monocle by Porter

Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week 2015 is here! I started on the 2nd show on the 2nd day because I was pretty busy with work on the first one. I missed the shows by Fred Perry, Rococo, Ben Sherman, and Adamist. However, I managed to continuously attend the other show for the whole 4 days. Here we go!

Antony Morato
"A Day in New York"

I love this fall/winter collection so much mainly because of the abundant amount of potential ways of layering. Especially since the incorporated New York as the theme, really digging it! The simple details and patterns really compliment the stacks of clothes. The clean-cut style of this brand really catches my attention as it's really suitable for my style.

They also used some of the celebrities, stylists, and influencers as their female model, it's refreshing to see. Also they threw an after party with Mario Ginanjar as the guest star singing a few songs next to its store in Plaza Indonesia level 4. You guys should check it out if you're into this manly-chic kinda vibe! #PIMFW2015

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