August 17, 2015

bandana: unbranded, shirt: Danar Hadi, watch: Swatch, chino: Topman, shoes: Converse Jack Purcell

Here we are again today in one of the biggest holidays in Indonesia to celebrate our 70th year of Independence Day! As I dug into my closet to find some clothes to form an August 17th inspired outfit, I wanted a look that still has the essence of this historical day but I don't wanna end up looking like a walking flag. I want something that is very wearable, in-sync with the theme, but also has that modern fashion twist to it.

Therefore, I went with a subtle red and white color scheme by wearing my short-sleeved red batik shirt because batik and Indonesia, hello. Then to tone down the busy pattern of the top, I paired it with a broken white chino pants and a pair of super slouchy white shoes. To give that modern patriotic vibe, I also added a black bandana on my head. I think it's very versatile and it still has that summer vibe going on. You can definitely rock this to the beach, pool party, semi-formal lunch, or just having some fun with classic Indonesian competitions in your neighbourhood.

Lastly, I'd like to say an ultra happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Indonesian friends! Hope you have a great holiday today and you still have that nationalist within you. Let's keep supporting out nation with whatever we could do, aside from whatever things we still have to be struggled with. Because we, as the next generation Indonesia, are the only hope this land has left. Don't give up on us! We can develop Indonesia together! We NEED to! MERDEKA!

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