Fitness First Got Talent

August 21, 2015

If you can't watch it on YouTube, check it out on my Vimeo here.

So a couple of months ago Fitness First Indonesia celebrated its one decade anniversary by holding an event at Lotte Shopping Avenue at Ciputra World Mall. Besides conducting many free classes to be joined by public who's interested to sign up, they also made a talent competition sorta thing with some cash prizes. The concept was to perform a 5 minutes number of a talent show, whatever it might be, to the audiences and judges by representing 11 clubs. But the hint is to infuse the fitness-inspired theme to it.

One team needs to be consisted of even numbers of both personal trainers or staffs and also members. Therefore I decided to form a team with Franky and the squad by summoning the staffs of Oakwood club, mainly because we often practice there and they didn't have any representative yet at that time. Then we practiced with a very short amount of time with Franky as our choreographer (obvs, duh), till the D-day to finally taste the sweet taste of victory as the first winner! YEEEHHH BUDDY!

Overall, the other 10 teams were also amazing showing their talent shows. I loved the dancing, martial art, percussions, drama, etc from all of the participants. It really showed the healthy atmosphere of competition and fitness, well done FF and happy 10th anniversary! Thank you to supporters that came and supported us that day, and also especially huge thanks to the Oakwood team for being super badass on the dancefloor! :)

PS. We used the song "Love More" from one of our classes.

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