Usher - I Don't Mind (ft. Juicy J)

July 29, 2015

About this song & choreo: The kind of day where you think it's a piece of cake to grasp such an "easy" choreo, but it isn't. At all. The song is very soothing and my kind of karaoke song when I'm feeling R&B-ish.

About Usher: So if you see me uploading videos from Vimeo only, it means it's either Usher or Kid Ink. Or any other artists that are too protective about their work. I swear every time I tried to upload their songs on my YouTube channel, they're always blocked on more than 1 country. Usually it's only Germany that doesn't allow it. I'm aware of all this copyright infringement stuff, but it's not like I'm using it for commercial reasons that benefits me in any way. If anything, they should be thankful for me and all other dancers that promote their songs worldwide. But well, who am I kidding these days?

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