Stomping Galaxy

July 05, 2015

jacket: Forever 21, jogger pants: Topman, sneakers: Seba

This is pretty much how I would dress to one of my dance classes. Very slouchy and casual, really just put something on without effort, yet still, it should look badass enough to cope with the sick stomping beats. Hence, I went for my over-sized running jacket that has a super fun galaxy print on it. I paired it with a pair of black drop-crotched joggers and high-cut sneakers to tone down the busy pattern.

Oh, one thing I'd like to address to people who think that dancers tend to "try too hard" to look "swaggy" and cool. Listen, as a dancer myself I could safely say that it's not my intention to wear a certain outfit to a class or workshop to impress anyone. Personally, I wear what I think I like for the style of dance I'm gonna do. For instance, I wear a hip-hoppy very street style clothes for up-beat and body-pumping songs to channel the attitude of the dance itself. If it's a contemporary/ballet dance people might be wearing a super light and flexible items because there will be a lot of lines and movements that require shape of our limbs to be clearly shown. It's also different with salsa, tango, waltz, tap, traditional, and so on.

My point is that fashion is such a way to express ourselves during a certain period of time and there would be phases to be crossed to get to what we actually like. Maybe some people like one thing but not the other, it's normal. Same with hip hop dancers, they dress to express what they feel through the motion of their body and sometimes it comes across as "trying-too-hard-to-look-swaggy" but to be honest, that's how you get the swagger itself.

P.S. I blasted some music during this photoshoot, so I got a bit carried away with the poses. :P

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