Santorini Breeze

July 11, 2015

hat: French Connection, t-shirt: Topman, cardigan: Zanone by Slowear, chino: Topman, espadrilles: unbranded

Santorini. That's probably the inspiration behind this outfit. I dunno why, but all I thought about was that supremely breathtaking city. Although I've never been there (I wish!), it's like the breeze of its ocean was very real to me. I can obviously see myself wearing this outfit while exploring that place. 

Just some tropical light tee with a pair of stretched-skinny chinos from Topman that I've been obsessing about for the past few weeks! I added a vintage trilby hat for sun protection and some a pair of espadrilles for a casual, summer feel. In case the weather would turn a bit more chilly, I also prepared a cardigan tied around my waist.

Ahhh... I can't wait to finally do it. Let's work hard and save some money!

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  1. Great look! Love the shoes, so easy and cool!

    Annie Abbey //