Quirky Triangle

July 30, 2015

shirt: Tonello, necklace: H&M, pants: (X) S.M.L, shoes: Tom Ford

Sometimes I like it when my quirky side comes out to the surface. It allows me to experiment with my clothes, you know, dipping my feet in the other pool out of my comfort zone. Hence I assembled these simple yet statement-making pieces.

I started with a white, crisp, long-sleeved shirt that has a cool wing-tip collar. Then I married it up with an awkward, midi-length, black baggy pants that have some weird folds here and there. It looks almost like an apron. To tie these oddnesses together, I chose my favorite white sneakers and a silver triangle necklace to give a bit casual effect in the middle of this quirk ocean.

I love how it turned out to be. Oh and also, I love my new hair. :) I believe the style is called "Angular Fringe". Yep, it really matches the vibe of the whole outfit. Me likey!

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