Java Heat

July 13, 2015

cap: J. Crew, glasses: Ray-Ban, batik shirt: Danar Hadi, t-shirt: unbranded, backpack: Eastpak, shorts: Topman, shoes: Seba

My first post showcasing batik in my outfit. Indonesia represent! I still went for the summer vibe with a combination of culture and modern style. This outfit is ideal for a relaxing day to just unwind strolling around the city but sill look well groomed with the existence of collar. I picked up this batik and many other ones at a small shop in Malang. When it's hard to find a clothing item that suits you flawlessly, you better grab tons of 'em when you do find some.

I was feeling pretty sporty so I integrated a combination of shirt & t-shirt with short shorts. I affixed more laid back accessories like a baseball cap and a pair of velvet loafers. Also I went with a camo-printed backpack to carry important sutff during the day with me. All them laptop, camera, and other gadgets need their own nest to rest in. Javanese style.

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  1. Love how you paired up the Batik and the shorts bring edginess to your look.

    1. Awww thank you for the kind words, Marlia! Don't we all love batik so much? :)


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