July 09, 2015

So for another F&B-related review, I want to showcase another restaurant I'm working with. It's the recent and current talk-of-the-town Benedict. This grandma-chic place offers you a selection of gourmet all-day breakfast dishes and decadent desserts. I'm so lucky to be able to work with the talented Chef Duo, Fernando Sindu and Ivan Wibowo who run this place. They really do a great job serving some hearty food that focus on sourcing the freshest ingredients to create delectable, balanced & nutritious dishes.

What I like the most about this resto is absolutely the interior design, just like our other establishments. I came up with the infamous term "grandma-chic" because everything screams stylishly vintage, yet very homey just like how your grandma like it to be. Especially during the holy month of Ramadhan like now, the warm vibe of Benedict really suits me to work while waiting for the call of prayer.

Working in the F&B industry makes me learn about "foreign" food that I'd never try in a million years just because it's out of my comfort zone. That's why here at Benedict I got to try many kinds of food that I've never tried before. The recent favorites of mine definitely are the Ferrero Rocher and Snickers Frappés. If you happen to be around Grand Indonesia, make sure to check out this joint for some delicious yet healthy meals and mouthwatering treats. It's egg-citing! :D

PS. I'm probably gonna try to review more restaurants/bars/cafés in the near future (definitely not only the brands I'm working with). Anticipate more food pictures!

Grand Indonesia, East Mall, LG
☎ +6221 2538 1238
Jakarta, Indonesia

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