Fifty Shades Of Grey

June 02, 2015

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I finally jumped on the bandwagon and watched this overexposed movie. I know it's super duper late, because it was released on Valentine's Day which was on February, but better late than never right? Although there's so many pros and cons about this movie, I was really looking forward to it. All my friends were bangin' on about it aaall the time like "Ugh... I hate it! So overrated!" or like "My goshhh, Christian! Tie me up and whip me all you want! I'm living for this movie! ❤" So I thought I should get this over with and actually sit down, watch, then decide whether I like it or not.

The answer is... I LOVE IT! I don't care what other people say about the path being so slow or the plot doesn't fully reflect the book, I think it's intriguing! Although there's some part that I can't help but rolling my eyes throughout the scenes (like how Ana loves her flip phone so much), the overall movie is very easy on the eyes. The story is flowing beautifully, hence not difficult at all to digest. I also like how this movie sort of educate people about the certain "fetishes" and "preferences" in a simple way. Well, at least it does for me.

Also I probably think this has something to do with me loving the acting skill of Jamie Dornan in his previous serial killer themed TV series, The Fall. He played a similar chraming-outside-mysterious-inside kind of character, different motives (and accents) but both fucked up. I thinks the casting was pretty spot on. Anastasia has that balanced emotion between innocent and wild, unlike Kristin Stewart in Twilight. I understand why some people don't really like this film as much as I do because they read the book first and had a high expectation on the movie. Apparently I didn't get to finish the book so I'm pretty thankful for it because I can enjoy it better on the big screen.

My highlights of the movie was definitely the playroom. I learned so much about things that I didn't know before, which is nice. I also like the background story of Christian Grey and his past. Those stuff could really happen to someone and it reminds me to not judge people before I even get to know them. Because we never know what that person has gone through his/her life. Yeah, I like to see things on the positive side sometimes. And of course the "sexy times" really kept me on the edge of my seat. :P

Rago's Rating: 6/10 stars.

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