Preppy Plaid

May 29, 2015

glasses: Persol, shirt: Thom Browne, belt: Bottega Veneta, chino pants: Topman, bracelet: Miansai, shoes: Seba

Eventhough I don't work for a serious corporate 9-5 kind of company, I usually still dress up for the occasion. That day I needed to cover an event which was a wine dinner, so I thought I should put together a formal/dressy outfit but still have a dash of laid back feel to it. So I started with a loud-printed checker shirt and good 'ol classic khaki chino pants. Then I added a matching set of belt and oxfords, and I topped it off with my current favorite anchor bracelet as well as a pair of glasses to make me look smarter than I actually am. LOL :D

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