My Trip To Manggis

May 20, 2015

After a long hiatus of travelling, I finally stepped my feet back deep in the beach sand. I have been longing for the feelings of salty hair, big waves, and hot sun. I have been craving for those fresh coconuts and grilled seafood with pineapple sweet-sour sauce. Yum! This time I tried to explore the east coast of Bali. I stayed at Alila Manggis Hotel & Resort and that was one of the great decisions if you plan to travel to the Island of the Gods.
I tried to visit as many places there as I can and do as much activities as possible. But mostly I just wanted to unwind and lay down by the pool all day long. It was a short vacation but, hell, it was worth it! To see what I did play-by-play, you can watch my vlog above, and to see a more detailed look of East Bali through my perspective, check out these photos below.
Hope you're having a great year so far, munchkins!

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