Green Lumberjack

May 23, 2015

beanie: Aspesi, shirt: El Haus, t-shirt: American Apparel, necklace: H&M, pants: Forever 21, shoes: New Balance

I was feeling fresh that day and I just wanted to have some green in my outfit. So I ended up wearing this sort of relaxed and laid-back lumberjack look. I based it with the green flannel shirt and went up from there. I keep things simple with crisp white t-shirt and grey pants. I gave another fancy touch of green with my favorite cashmere beanie and velvety sneakers. And I added a silver necklace to put things together.

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  1. great shoes, green is good on you man

    1. Thanks bro. Green is actually my favorite color.

  2. Great New Balance ✌

  3. heyy! Love this style. cute beanie and new balance :)
    im following you bro, mind to following back?


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