Foxy Day

May 30, 2015

shirt: Forever 21, jeans: American Apparel, clutch bag: Hunt, sneakers: Dior

Building a passable outfit throughout the day could be pretty tricky, let alone throwing a statement-making clothing item like a clutch bag in the mix. But then again, styling should be a fun activity and it really reflects what you're feeling at that time. This time I feel like I don't want to bring too many stuff so I need to have a big bag with me, however I also need to bring enough stuff that requires me to put them all in one space. So I decided to wear a leather clutch bag for my phone, charger, wallet, etc. In order to make the whole look works, I thought I would wear some basic items with small detailing on them. Like the super adorable white shirt with lots of tiny foxes playing golf! I try to keep it simple with blue jeans, sneakers, and the minimum usage of accessories to just a bracelet and a watch.

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