Cold Call

March 04, 2015

coat: Burberry, shirt: Dior, tie: Salvatore Ferragamo, pants: unbranded, shoes: Lanvin

For the fourth outfit of my test shoot, I incorporated some clothing items that are much dressier to embody the vibe of businessmen during winter. Although there's no such thing as "winter" in Jakarta. And definitely there's no way I could pull this look off on the street. But I thought it'd be fun to do it in a cool studio for some portfolio and see if I actually have that sense of fashion in styling men's attires. And I would say that I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out to be.

You can see some black on black actions going on from the shirt, pants, and the shoes. Then I added some warmth through the coat to keep it warm, as well as some pop of color around the neck.

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