Union Plaza Senayan

January 23, 2015

Lately I couldn't believe I did take pictures of foods before I ate them several times. Back then I was too idealistic to do it just because I thought it's hideous and it gives Asian such a stereotype (not that it's bad, but it's too "typical"). However later in 2014, I learned that there are actually people who make a living out of taking pictures of food, such as: food bloggers, people who work in F&B industry, or merely photographers. They obviously do it as a job and again, there's nothing bad about it. I know it might sound ignorant, but I have so much respect for them.

Especially now that I work in F&B industry as the "digital guy", I have been learning that taking food photographs is not that hideous after all. Not gonna lie, it feels ironic at first. However, as I said on the previous post, learning knows no time. I'm a very open-minded person and if I could try everything in the world once, I would. So I have been so much fun doing it for almost 9 months now.

These pictures were taken literally a couple of hours ago at Union, one of my restaurant brands, while I was working on my bakeries & pastries task. Yep, spending Friday afternoon studying new things about culinary world as well as eating the final products are kind of my everyday life nowadays. I'm very lucky and extremely grateful to have a very chill work environment and so many cute stuff to get a snapshot of. Therefore, more food pictures coming soon! :)

Plaza Senayan Courtyard, GF - Jl. Asia Afrika, No. 8
 +6221 5790 5861-62
Jakarta, Indonesia

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  1. These Photos are really interesting. As you said food photography is an amazing art and is worth exploring. It is good that you are having an open mind to explore options. Good luck.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, the options are endless!

  2. these are wonderful :)


  3. Stunning photos and the food looks so delicious! x


    1. Thank you. They taste great too. :)

  4. This looks really delicious! :) Wonderful post!



  5. Replies
    1. They're yummy indeed. Thanks, Euge.


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