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January 05, 2015

t-shirt: American Apparel, jeans: Attachment

Hey everyone! Happy New Year to every single one of you. Hopefully you had a great New Years Eve with your loved ones and you would be a much better version of you this year. :)

So I've been putting off this little project of mine for a couple of weeks and now finally I have balls to actually publish it to the internet. I did a couple of test shoots for my modelling portfolio last year. It's a very low budget project using my own clothes, a very cheap studio, and a help from a very lovely & talented photograph-riend.

I've had this idea for a while now to actually (try to) pursue the modelling career or at least to see what's in store for me, but I was too busy settling down after college. Giving the fact that now I have a full time job and I'm still 24 years old, I don't see a reason why not to go for it because I literally have nothing to lose. I realized that I don't wanna die not knowing what's gonna happen when I follow my passions and I highly encourage you all to follow yours as well!

Also I will try to be a more diligent content creator starting this year with this blog as the platform. Probably these can be some sort of 'resolutions' but let's just call them as 'goals' or 'bucketlist' cause usually I'm not really good at making resolutions to come true - at least not until the first two months. Let's start fresh this year, go back to basic, and simplify!

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  1. The photos are very cool, I really like them. You're totally right, you don't have anything to lose. So, go for it! I'm a believer that if we pursue our dreams we can make them come true. We just have to have goals, solid goals. Never stop trying! :)
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you, Euge! Good luck to you too. :)

  2. Nice :)


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