October 23, 2014

Also available on my Vimeo here.

Another old video from when I was still working for Ogilvy. This one was taken a while back when Ogilvy Indonesia held a New Year's Party. I have explained on one of the previous posts that Ogilvy really knows how to throw a party, including the celebration of 2014.

On 2013 New Year's Party, they literally booked the whole X2/Equinox Club for the entire office. Free flow for the whole night and full of crazy yet fun performances from each division. No difference this year, except the venue was at The Foundry 8 this time. Still with free flow booze of course, obvi.

This year's theme was kinda lame at the first time I heard about it, but I did grow to like it tho. It was inspired by the Olympics so sporty kind of theme. Therefore, all the performances were angled to match the theme. But mostly we all did some sort of dance/aerobic routines because it was the best thing we could come up with for a show that involves many people at the same time. Including my division, Ogilvy Public Relations.

Since I was one of the most energetic employees of Ogilvy PR, my bosses delegated me to lead the team to perform a super insane thing to do. Well, being a terrible dancer that I am, I couldn't say no to choreograph an easy routine for my team. So I mixed the songs and came up with some generic yet lunatic steps.

It was fun, we were all drunk, another amazing night with Ogilvy! (Great, now I miss them haha :")

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