My Trip to Tiger Island

October 14, 2014

I'm a beach person. I always love the feeling of the sea breeze through my hair, the white sand between my toes, the crystal clear water, and the warm sun. I just can't get enough of those feelings in my life. Therefore, I successfully managed to squeeze in a super quick trip in the middle of my work to the infamous Tiger Island.

Pulau Macan (literally means Tiger Island) is one of the little islands in the archipelago of Jakarta's 1000 islands. They made it as an independent resort and ran the entire island by themselves. I went there just for the weekend but it's worth everything! Given the fact that it's just a couple of hours from the city.

I didn't do much there besides chilling, snorkelling and kayaking. Well, it's basically the point of the island, it's a place for people to unwind from their busy life in the city and merely enjoy the nature. I needed that so badly at that time, so it was a major treat.

The highlight were probably I learnt to paddle a kayak and learn about the horrendous stonefish. That mofo can kill you in a couple of hours time by injecting the venom through its super pointy fins. And the most frightening thing is that you can't see them because they freaking pretend to be stones! So watch out when you casually walk around the beach.

Overall, it was such a lovely time staying at a beautiful island with huts everywhere that directly face the sea. Definitely will try to visit more islands!

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