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September 02, 2014

I know perhaps it's kinda odd to write a farewell letter to your previous company on your personal blog. And I know it IS very odd to write it after you resigned for more than 4 months ago. It's not like I didn't write anything back then. I did, one day before my last day. With the famous email-blast method haha. And also the hugs and hand-shakes I gave and received from my colleagues. However, I reckon that I still need to make a writing on my blog solely dedicated to my former chic, multinational employer. So here it is, an ode to Ogilvy.

Hmm... Where do I begin? Probably let's start from the moment I knew about the name, Ogilvy, itself. So throwback to when I was still in my last year of uni, I met my good friend Ari and caught up about what she had been doing lately. She was like, "Oh yea I work as a PR (Public Relations) at this advertising agency called Ogilvy." I honestly still didn't get what she said at that point, because my final thesis was the only thing floating in my head. Fast forward to the period after I graduate...

While waiting for my graduation, I started to look for jobs and actually ended up with a pretty shit job for a fresh graduate haha. Let's not get into it cause it's a WHOLE different story. (maybe I should write about it in a separate post?) Anyways, in the middle of my hopeless search of a new job, I literally called and texted all my friends shamelessly to ask if they can hook me up with some vacancies. And out of the blue, Ari flew down to me like an angel. (I owe you big time, Ri!)
with Dwi Tunjung Sari a.k.a Ari a.k.a Future Wife. (LOL)
So she introduced me to her boss, Mas Aries. Such a cool & charismatic man. I did the interview with one other friend of Ari's, Dafy, at Haagen Dasz Cafe - Plaza Senayan. A weird place to have an interview and with a very unconventional approach by Mas Aries. But it was good and I got hired! Yayers! :D Then came along Ijah to complete the 3 newbies, later known as The Three Musketeers of Ogilvy.
with Mama Hening :)
The Three Musketeers of Ogilvy PR
For the first month of working, I still couldn't believe the fact that I actually have my own desk, computer, utensils and shit, while working 9-to-5 in a proper office. Heck, not only a proper office, but it also happens to be a one of the leading multinational advertising agencies in the world. With such a cool interior designs and unique sets of furnitures. You know, like the one in of those "10 Coolest Offices in the World" posts on BuzzFeed lists or something.
They have super modern meeting rooms, long aisles full of trophies and awards, diverse touch of artsy-fartsy stuff for each office division, a pool table, and a slide! Yes, a mothereffing slide.
Now let's jump into what I did there. At Ogilvy, they have several divisions and disciplines. To name a few, there is Ogilvy & Mather (advertising), OgilvyOne (digital), Social@Ogilvy (social media), OgilvyAction (event organiser), Redworks (design), as well as Pulse Communication and Ogilvy PR for the Public Relations department. I was in Ogilvy PR as an Account Executive for more or less 1 year 6 months. It was such a remarkable experience to work with Ogilvy PR team.

I started with a very tough international account, which was one of UNDP task-forces, REDD+ and gradually got more clients from a very wide range of distinct environments. From the corporate side like IPC (Indonesia Port Corporation) and Pertamina, to some famous brands like Ford, Unilever, and Adidas. As well as SwissRe, WSG (World Sports Group), and many other respected clients. I was assigned to be a professional PR practitioner in terms of implementing the communication strategies for clients and helping to develop new businesses for the company. It was pretty overwhelming to be honest, but I was grateful for it.

Handling such highly sought after multinational clients, through their acclaimed representatives, can be challenging and intimidating in a sense. I had to keep giving myself a cue every single day that I can't mess up. It was probably not a biggie back then in college when I failed a subject because I can just simply redo it in the next semester, but this is a complete different circumstance. This is the real world. There should be no room for blunders, otherwise I will slip up my entire career.

Nonetheless, I still had my ups and downs in doing my job. But the admirable thing is, my bosses and colleagues were there to guide me through everything. They gladly helped me to learn new stuffs and improved my weaknesses. I learned a lot about PR at Ogilvy. The company was definitely a pleasant start for my career path.
Moreover, enough with the serious bits and bobs and let's talk about the most fun part. If I have to come up with one word about Ogilvy, it would be: Party! Ogilvy knows how to have fun and they go HARD with it. Like, booking-the-whole-club and free-flow-all-night kinda hard. They have sooo many kinds or parties to throw. Such as, Halloween, New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Birthdays, and I consider outings, seminars, photoshoots, and other cool projects as parties just because of the involvement of foods and drinks everywhere!
Also I love the part where I got to travel to places that I've never thought I would go to. Such as Ambon & Kupang.
At a beach in Ambon with clients.
Gained a few more fans. LOL
Chillin' with local kids.
On a seafood restaurant above beautiful sea somewhere in Ambon.
Overall, it was one hell of a ride with Ogilvy. I love them so much! "Thank you" is such an understatement when it comes to my gratitude towards what I have got. I didn't have a single regret to enter such an amazing office. Now I have moved on to the next path of my life, I will see you guys around for sure. Toodles!

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