Happy Birthday

June 29, 2014

I walked down full of uncertainty
Searching for a form of a remedy
Then when you looked at me
It's the second I knew exactly

We build this fort hand in hand
Trying to figure out what is God's plan
I predicted our future like a mad man
You brought me down on my own stand

I, then, finally came to a sudden conclusion
A conclusion that wasn't meant to be a finale

I lost
You found me
And I thought I found you
But not really
I keep blinding myself
Although the answer is 'eventually'

It hurts
I can feel the pain
But I know
This won't come again

You make me happy
You're a burst of joy to me
I cherish every moment with you
And yes, I enjoy to roll with you too

So let's fly
Together to the sky
I'll go with our flow
Till the time for us slow

And until then
This isn't the end
I merely want to say
Hey, Happy Birthday

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  1. Come across to your blog. I've read some of your posts and hey, this one is really interesting. You're such a great writer. Keep inspiring! :)



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