December 27, 2013

"And that is how Wisteria Lane became my final resting place. My ashes were spread over grass I had once walked on, beneath trees that had once given me shade, on top of roses I once admired, and beside fences I once gossiped over. And after my friends had finished saying goodbye, a wind came along and took what was left of me into the air. As I looked down on the world I began to let go of it. I l
et go of white picket fences, and cars and driveways, coffee cups and vacuum cleaners. I let go of all those things which seemed so ordinary, but when you put them together, they make up a life, a life that really was one-of-a-kind. I’ll tell you something: It’s not hard to die when you know you have lived. And I did. Oh, how I lived."
Edie Britt, A Former Desperate Housewife

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