Thor: The Dark World

November 07, 2013

Note: doesn't contain that much spoiler.

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Earlier this week, I went to the theatre near my office with my colleagues. One of my boss asked who wanted to watch a movie and he'll pay for the ticket, in the middle of the day before lunch time. I was like, hell yeah. LOL

So I saw the new movie about one of The Avengers, Thor. I don't really remember the prequel of the movie,  actually I haven't watched the one before haha. But yeah, I kinda understand that it's like the continuation of the previous movie and it's also easy to digest.

I liked it. My first impression was like, "Shit, this is so epic." I managed to get a small popcorn and drink while enjoying the entire movie without falling asleep. Which is a good sign.

Story wise: It's aight. Typical superhero movies. It started off awesome with full action and cool effects. Then slowly got really sad and dark during the peak of the twist. But then eventually it's getting better. Similar story with many movies, really. Nothing crazy.

However, the part that I love the most was the comedy element. This movie was so colossal and royal (since it's about a demi-God kingdom), but it was also very hilarious with its unusual jokes and sarcasms. I can remember I laughed my ass off on the cinema seat several times. Props to the scriptwriter!

Then the dope, badass fights added more tension to it. Thor looked good and buffed as fuck as usual, although there was just one awkward, mandatory topless scene of him. Loki was the man of the match! And I liked this couple of interns. Their characters were so raw and appealing.

Overall, I can give this movie: 3 out of 5 stars. It's not bad, but not that amazing either. So-so. Pretty entertaining for a free break in the middle of work day.

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