July 15, 2013

One day a man came home to his house after a long, tiring day. As usual, he water his little bonsai plant on top of his fish tank. He refused to give his surroundings some attitude because he knew that he was blessed. He believed how hard life beat him in the face, it would end eventually. He kept that trust as his life principle. But not for so long.

The bonsai plant suddenly got rotten and horribly withered. All his fishes were dead. He got fired for some random reason. His girlfriend cheated on him over some douchebag. His Mom passed away right after he finished clearing up the fish tank. He slowly sat down in an overwhelming thoughts floating around his head. "What did I do wrong?", he silently whispered to himself.

After years of suicidal attempts and drug addicted problems, he totally lost trust in life. He was ready to die. But somehow, a voice came out of nowhere and convinced him to get back. Persuaded him to not give up and to knit his life back up. He didn't care who said that or where it came from. He had no choice. He needed to make a decision. And he was forced to do it immediately.

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