The Struggle of The Smudgy Lungs

October 13, 2012

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Rahmat Chaniago Alasa | Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | 11:10 AM

At least once in a couple of decades ago, the majority of the world had simultaneously stood under one voice that Indonesia was considered to be the lungs of the Mother Earth.

The well-known image as the biggest archipelago country in the planet and the abundant natural resources have placed this nation to be on top of the role-model figure when it comes to environmental issues.

With the famous tropical climate as well as the warm, relaxing constant weather, Indonesia really strived itself to fulfill the needs of international tourists over the past few years as the proof of an excellent hospitality within its tourism sector.

However, we can’t get away from the fact that the current viral phenomenon about global warming has affected the entire organs of the earth, especially its respiratory one.

According to the recent World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) research, approximately 1.2 million hectares of forests in Indonesia disappears every year due to the climate change, illegal logging, and irresponsible forest fires.

Over the past 50 years, Indonesia had lost 40% of the total 120 million hectares forests which were contained with thousands of endangered species and diverse wildlife. We all need to be aware that we are really in a serious jeopardy.

Even though the occurrence happened mostly in the midst of Sumatra and Kalimantan jungles, we can still notice the impact of the constant hot weather and dense humidity throughout the day even in Jakarta.

The very sad thing about this problem is how the majority of Indonesian people could even care less to do something about it. We often seem to be too busy to survive in this struggling country rather than to preserve the environment.

Moreover, aside from the foreign aid supports given from the governments of other nations or the charity funds for donations collected by some organizations, the leaders as well as the citizens of this country need to take real actions regarding this issue.

Indeed it’s not easy to erase this stain on our face as the ‘Emerald of the Equator’ only by going out there and declare ourselves to ‘go green’ in just one day. But we can start the revolution by giving our contributions for the betterment of our nature on a daily basis.

Immediately back up the movement alongside with an International Organizations that are concerned about environment such as WWF or Walhi. Be an active donor to support the reforestation, conservation of the rare species, protection of the illegal logging, or even join them to give the outreach and education for the local people about sustainable forest management.

Nonetheless, we can always do small things by reminding ourselves and others to do the 3R’s, to plant some seeds on our backyards, or even simply to not litter. The main idea to help is to basically accept that this is our fault for ignoring the nature and we are willing to have a fresh beginning to rebuild our home, our shelter, our ‘lungs’.

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