August 22, 2012

Hi, so recently I've been all over my hard disks looking for some important files about my college until I realized that there are BIG PILES of video footages everywhere. Literally, I found many chunks of my trips, birthday parties, vlogs, concerts, etc in almost every folders. Then I thought I might as well just turn them into some proper videos, upload them on YouTube, and tag everyone who's happened to be in the scenes. Re-live the moments :")

Well, probably I'm not a good editor with some high-end video editing skills, softwares, and applications. But I can still manage to frame all of my creativity with my old pal, Windows Movie Maker, and effortlessly combine everything together to make a story. No burden to make it as good as possible since I already knew that the quality is not gonna be that good anyway. LOL. But yeah, here is the first video about my last memory in college, called "My Final Speech". Enjoy and expect more to come! :)

Have a good day everyone! x

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