Ginger Bread Lady

June 22, 2012

A couple of ginger bread ladies are doing their afternoon jog at the seashore nearby. They are not just ordinary ginger bread ladies. They are hot, sexy, with-voluptuous-lips ginger bread ladies. They like to run as opposed to just sit there in the kitchen doing their thing. So there they are, 5 ginger bread ladies with huge sacks and fit bottom running through the beach. We can even imagine, just like that, what's going to happen next as they keep sweating under the hot, shiny sun. Yep, they melt. But surprisingly they melt in a weird form. They melt into a liquid puddle of ginger (oh btw it smells good), start to literally move, and eventually transform into a 12-feet-tall ginger bread woman, still with a nice shape of physique. She looks around as the people are staring at her with hunger. She knows what it is. So she takes her clothes off, takes the raisins out off her body, and the throw them to those hungry people. Too bad she already jumped into the ocean before the neighborhood could finish their raisins.

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