Future Music Festival 2012

April 19, 2012

This post is merely the continuation of my previous post DSCR 2012 because I thought that it will take too much space for one post by all photos, videos, and shit. So I cut it out into two parts and here is the 2nd one. As the previous post described, I won the competition and got the grandprize which is a round trip ticket to the Future Music Festival 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. Yep, same as the competition before, this trip was also sponsored so I didn't get to spend any ka-ching for accommodation, transportation, and meals. Fuck yeah, mate! So happy I could die.

I went there with the 2nd winner Irlie, the head of DanceSignal Astrid, and also Mbak Irene and Om Raymond from PT. Djarum who stayed in separate location in the city. None of us has ever gone there (except Om Raymond) so we technically did an adventure together looking for places like plain, raw, and clueless Indo tourists. For me particularly, this is such an amazing experience because I've never been outside Asia continent. I've never visited other countries besides Malaysia and Singapore. I usually do some researches before I go on a trip, but this time I missed some basic things to prepare. Melbourne was like a complete different place. It's just so not Indonesia hahaha. I felt like a clueless puppy in that big town. I even did some major idiocy like I forgot that they also drive on the right side of a car and they drink tap water.

There are some things that I love about Aussie but there are also some parts that I don't like. For instance, I just hate that it's so hard to find free wi-fi connection. I didn't even think that there's any. I have to pay $10 for a day just to use internet connection. There's also a resto called Satay Bar that served Indo foods and I bought a portion of Nasi Goreng. Guess what.. it's $7! and it tasted so bad! LOL. Well, I understand that Aussie is a developed country where its citizens are mostly richer than people in Indonesia. But it still sucks to spend so much money for things that I can get for way cheaper in my country. No wonder Aussies like to come here. I love to take tram and train to go around the town but there's no clear direction for visitors like us and the map was so not tourists-friendly. AND this was probably the 'rempongest' thing I've got there.. I forgot that they use a different terminal for electricity! They have different holes on the wall, unlike Indonesia that mostly has 2-rounded terminal, they have this 3-diagonal terminal in their entire country. As you can guess, I was having a hard time recharging my battery for my gadgets so I strolled down the city in the middle of the night to find the converter.

After we landed and made our way from the airport, we directly got some unpleasant welcome from the locals. There's this guy that intentionally bumped himself to me and there's also this one bitch that whispered to her friend, "Bloody tourists..", because they saw us with our luggage and bags waiting for a tram. I guess I just had a culture shock and I thought everything will be like oh-so-fun and shit where it's actually not. But I think that's like a wake up call because it's kinda reminding me that I need to gain my awareness about my surroundings next time when I go somewhere. Oh btw, we stayed at a hotel called Space Hotel and it was somewhere on Russel St. Although the didn't have a personal bathroom for a $200/night hotel, it was a nice place overall. It's also nice to stay in the middle of the town where I can get easy access to go anywhere. I didn't waste any of my time because I directly went to the Swanston St. to buy a couple of souvenirs. One thing I loved the most about the city was the street fashion and how people were willing to walk around. I think I was healthier back there because I walked all the time LOL. The zebra-cross was also used optimally unlike here in Jakarta :| I also went to Moomba Festival at the Yara River where I could see many amazing rides and games. One of the most interesting thing in Melbourne was I can still see the sunlight from my sunglasses and it was already 8 pm! I can barely see anything after 6 pm here in Jakarta. Oh and I saw a cat fight on the street on my way back to the hotel haha. It was a good day.

The next day was March 11, which was the day of FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012 IN MELBOURNE! WOHOO!!! I was so psyched I woke up very early lol. I got ready in the morning to go to Victoria Market to buy another things for people back home then continue my journey to Flemington Racecourse, the venue of Melbs Future's this year. We took a specific train that was already prepared ONLY for people who wanted to go to Flemington. How awesome was that? And in the train you can see all these local kids wearing the same kind of clothes (colorful tanks, shorts, sneakers or flipflops, and shades) and interesting accessories. Luckily I was wearing the same thing so I can blend in hahaha. Those bule were shouting and singing loudly during the journey. Some of them I can tell that they're Scotish, British, Irish, Americans, and also some Indonesians. I thought the train was so packed until I got out of it and saw the entrance. It was a wide ass place I tell ya full of people ready to get wasted and to be pampered by the sick line-ups. Some of the festival goers even got jackpot already and it was still like 2 pm! LOL. Here's the full recap of the event..

The highlights:

and here are some pictures..

It was unbelievably incredible! I was tired as fuck but I was so ecstatic I didn't wanna go home. Despite of some intolerant, selfish assholes and douchebags who happened to cut the toilet and ATM lines, I made a few friends as usual. I finally got to see the real deal Melbourne Shuffler and although I didn't get to see koalas and kangaroos, that trip was still unforgettable and I can't wait to go back there next year! (hopefully haha)

For more info about FMF, check out these links:

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