DanceSignal Clubbing Race 2012

April 15, 2012

I couldn't remember exactly when, but I'm sure it's on my bed.. 

Okay that's a pretty odd opening.

Haha so yeah, I was chillin' on my bed in Jakarta with my laptop when I unintentionally let myself to fill the online form of DanceSignal Clubbing Race: Coast to Coast Edition, Season 7. I saw it first from one of @DanceSignal's tweets that basically described about a reality contest which will give you a once in a lifetime experience to go out having fun in Bali and Gili Trawangan back to back for free! Yes mofo, for fucking free! Imagine the most insane thing you can do in those 'sin islands', got caught on camera, with your fellow new friends (slash competitors), knowing that you won't spend any money at all! AND you'll get the chance to win the grand prize, which is.. wait for it.. a round trip ticket to Future Music Festival 2012 in Melbourne, Australia! Plus 3 million rupiahs for buying nice things afterwards. I was like FUCK YEAH I'M IN, BITCHES! So without any further due, I wrote everything they asked me on the form and clicked the 'submit' button so hard, harder than your best boner. YOLO!

For all of you who still have no idea about what this is all about, I'll try to explain it in the simplest and the most 'legal' way hahaha. Clubbing Race is like the Amazing Race, only you have to keep.. clubbing (?). HAHA. Unlike the Amazing Race that has a very wide range of location in the world, this is just only around Bali and Gili Trawangan. So basically you have to party first in different clubs for 7 nights, then answer the questions that have been given which will lead you to the finish point. The last person(s) arrived at the last point, got eliminated. Sounds simple, right? But the twisted part came when you eventually will get drunk, depends on your 'experience', and you gotta pull that stick up your ass and fight the laziness to answer the goddamn-hard questions in order to go through the next round. Pity for the lightweights, but that's how it goes every year.

I didn't regret a thing about signing up to this contest because I knew I can pull it off and I knew I WANTED to do this. I mean, this is like the embodiment of myself. I love dancing and having a good time. But I also love challenges and pumping up my adrenaline rush by doing something fun. And guess what?! Clubbing Race will serve me those elements at the same time! Plus, I could get used to have some cameramen shooting me all day-night long in two of the most fucking awesome islands in the world without spending any cash!

Furthermore.. weeks and months had gone by.. I continued my life forgetting about that application I've sent. Until the day when I got the e-mail from DanceSignal that was basically asked me to come to an interview. Unfortunately, the day became so awkward because I was in a funeral! Yes people, my phone started to vibrate in my pocket while I was literally standing beside my friend's grave who passed away the day before. It's very uncomfortable to receive such a good news in the middle of that situation. So I turned off my phone directly and kept my composure to respect one of my good buddies for the last time. Rest in peace, Do. :")

Here comes interview day! Yay! It was at Aperitivo, Rasuna Said, and I absolutely had no idea what I was going to say or what those people were going to ask. I just walked in to that fancy resto, met this ridiculous dude named Opic, sat patiently to be called, and answered the questions as free as a bird. There she is, the head of DanceSignal, Astrid (Acid). She looked as cold as an iceberg from the distance, but when I got to know her better by chit-chatting about everything she turned out to be nice and friendly. I had a good time doing that interview. Then I headed back home with my fingers crossed.

A couple of days later, Acid called me and said that I made it to be one of the 18 finalists! I.. was.. shocked. I mean out of thousands of people applying, those party animals out there, with probably more crazy experiences in terms of clubbing than me, really? Me? Why? HAHA. I was in Bandung at that time, so after that call I booked my DayTrans shuttle car to Jakarta and directly packed my bags super fast full of joy hahaha!

They've booked us, the finalists, a room in Batavia Apartment to spend a night before we take off to Bali the next day and also to get to know each other. You know, testing the water with your feet before you swim is very useful hahaha. :p I met so many new people with different backgrounds and styles. Some of them were nice and some were just intimidating. Some were childish college students and some were very mature people with real jobs. One of 'em even had kids! I was like.. daaamn this is gonna be a hell of a trip! :D Oh, and I have to thank my nicest friend Adit, for lending me his iPhone to be my weapon during the race because my phone was too crappy to scan the questions that came in barcode form. I probably would've been eliminated at the first round if I didn't bring that lavish smart phone with me. So, thanks again, Lot! :")
first meeting at PizzaHut
2 out of 18 was disqualified. 15 bitches left to get rid of! lol jk!
So we flew to Bali first for 3 days, then Gili for 2 days, then Bali again for another 2 days. I don't know if that's the correct number. I was too busy grinning ear to ear and enjoying my time in paradise to know what day it was at that moment. LOL. Oh and besides I'm too lazy to tell the whole story for one week, once a wise Ketut said "What happened in Bali, stayed in Bali." (and/or Gili in this context lol), so I won't describe specifically my entire story. But you can see a lil bit of my journey through these videos. They pretty much sum up everything there.. I guess.. Hahaha enjoy!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 (FINAL!)

Oh you might wanna know who's the dude on every thumbnails of the videos. He is Bang Joey, the official host of Clubbing Race since the first season. He's chill.

Yep people, I won the whole flippin' competition! I've spent a week having fun without spending a penny, running in a totes awesome race, and as a cherry on top of my sundae I got a ticket to Future Music Festival 2012 + 3 million rupiahs! Yeah, feel free to ducktape my mouth. At first I didn't even think I can come up as the champion. Hell, I didn't even have the glance that I could make it to top 5. All I wanna do and my target was just to take my lucky ass to the island of Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Because honestly, it's like one of the most beautiful place in Indonesia that I think I couldn't afford. I've never been there before and it must be nice to lay on the beach enjoying sunshine and sipping beers with your friends. Well, I finally went there and had the time of my life for the rest of the trip.

Sometimes I just can't understand the way things work in this world. Well, no one does. But what I do understand is you just have to follow your intuition. Never. Ever. Second guess your intuition. See you at the next season, racers! :)

And you know I can't get away without posting some pictures of beaches and sunsets, so these are some of the photos out of hundreds more in my harddisk and Facebook..

that dude that laid down wearing only thong is Fahad. he's high as fuck at that time lol.
deuces on the shore of Gili Trawangan beach with Lindry ma betch.
chillin' at the nearest beach club with DSCR Season 7 casts and crews.
showing Balinese pride with an udeng tied up on my head for winning this shit :))
another day at another beach at Gili Trawangan
having a good time with the racers at Hard Rock cafe, Bali.
with ma bro, Randy, at The W Hotel. p.s: he's the dude that passed out on episode 2 lol.
enjoying our free time from the race at Woo Bar.
breath-taking sunset from an infinity pool on top of The Stones, Kuta.
just arrived at The Villa Ombak Hotel, Gili Trawangan with Lindry and Irlie.
got my fancy breakfast while admiring the morning view.
sunbathing with my international friends lol. yep that one was topless. *me gusta*
another sunset at The Sunset Bar. yea, i made it as a coincidence lol.
the cute crab i found on Seminyak beach. i named him Steve.
if you know me, then you know that i love sunsets. this one was from Klapa Beach Club.
me with Randy getting our arrival flowers.
these guys rocked my trip! :")
Irlie and I were posing after our victory.
"he was high as fuck. getting interviewed and shit."
finally, the top 5 with their own 'peculiar' personalities haha
p.s. For more photos, videos, and articles, or you may wanna try your luck next season? Don't hesitate to check out these links: 

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