Avicii 2012

April 20, 2012


I feel like an extremely lucky guy during the beginning of this year. After I won some treatment from DanceSignal and Djarum Black Menthol, I pissed people off by winning another contest. It was called "Avicii Dance Contest" held by Ismaya Live and Dimensions. I got a free invitation ticket to the show, meet and greet session with Avicii himself at backstage, and a brand new iPod Touch! Yeah, I'm such a lucky son of a bitch.

I was so stoked when I knew that Avicii was going to come to Jakarta so I directly bought the ticket as soon as they sold it. I thought that it was a very cheap price for a ticket because it's only 200 thousand rupiahs for an Avicii concert. That's worth it. Besides, since Avicii was very happening lately, I bet that everyone were also going to come and fill the venue, Fairgrounds (ex-Bengkel Night Park), like an enormous pack of salmons in one room. So I made my decision to make my move quickly before the price arose up high like a rastaman with his bong.

After securing an Avicii ticket bought by ma bro, Bolot, and buying a Gaga ticket for a very expensive price, I turned out to be so broke. I didn't have much money left to feed myself. I need some extra cash. AND I saw this contest on @IsmayaLive's twitter that basically asked people to make a video dancing to Avicii's infamous song, Levels. The winner will get the prizes I told you before. I was like.. "ANOTHER CHANCE, FUCK LET'S DO THIS!" Hahahaha. I mean, it's just making a video, of me, DANCING. What could be easier than that? It's like.. what I do everyday. Only I have to videotape it. Hell, I'm down for this!

So I started to see how they do this contest previously in another countries on YouTube. They put so much effort into their videos. Some of them made it in several places, in a flashmob concept, in a cool story line, in a dance studio, etc. They did it awesomely. I was like.. daaamn I need to do this right! Then I came up with an idea, a camera, and a friend to record my moves. Here's the last result..

Oh btw, after I posted this video, I attended a sudden dancing contest at La Codefin, Kemang, which was ALSO giving me a free ticket to Avicii show. LOL. I know, right?! :p

I got picked to be one of the top 3 finalists. But when I saw at the other competitors, their videos were.. like.. very simple. At first I thought that I will have some serious competition with some creative people in Indonesia, but why the hell did I find myself to be the only one who was so 'niat' to do this? HAHAHA. What the fuck ever. This video took me to another victory throne without doing something hard and difficult. Eventhough people still think I did. LOL.

So yeah, at the end of the day I got total 3 tickets in my hand, an iPod Touch, and a meet & greet session.  I sold 2 of the tickets earlier (with good price ;p), enjoyed the show like no other, AND get to meet the dude at backstage afterwards..

and here's a video from DanceSignal. I was there somewhere and at the thumbnail lol

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