An Old Lady

March 28, 2012

"An old lady looked extremely sad walking down the beach, heading to the shore. She stepped her feet on the sand delicately as if she would be gone forever from this mother earth. Apparently her sweet and lovely husband just died from an unusual disease. He had a ferocious tumor inside his rectum that prevented him to poo and to grow ass hair. So basically he died with his stomach bloated exploding shit all over the place. The lady was so terrified and shocked about what happened so she ate some of his intestines. She didn't know what she was doing. She just wanted to have a piece of his love inside of her. She then turned to be very angry and loud. She screamed along the way to the beach. She even ate a rat on the street. Rat is her husband's favorite pet. What a shame. But suddenly, the water of the ocean is turning black. A creature came out of a giant hole appeared looking like a hooker's vagina. Then the old lady fought with the creature and eventually she won. What did she do afterwards? Yes, she ate it too. Then there's a light, coming to pick her up. She flew away to the sky. She waved to the sand. But unfortunately her legs fell down to the bottom of the ocean. All she could do was just smiling when she kept floating." :)

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